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Gary W. Banks is Founding President/CEO of Family Restoration House (FRH). In 2005, he transitioned from his role as President/CEO to Consultant for FRH. Gary has over 21 years of experience in Community Development. He has served on several boards and steering committees, such as: Southeast Neighborhood Job Initiative Roundtable (SNJIR), and Southeast Youth Consortium (SYC) which represent over twenty youth serving agencies in the Bayview Hunters Point community.   

Gary was a Board Member of the Bayview Project Area Committee (PAC) of the S.F. Redevelopment Agency for 5 years, and was co-chair of the Housing & Economic Development subcommittee of the PAC.  In those roles, he was responsible for helping shape the Community Benefit Agreement for the Hunters Point Shipyard- Candlestick Point project. He worked directly with the Redevelopment Agency, Labor Unions, Developers, Contractors, and the community-at-large to help shape policies that benefited the community as a whole.  Through this work, Gary has developed strong relationships with all stakeholders. 

Since 2007, he has been a Consultant providing training in Employee & Management Development, and Organizational Systems Development with Recology San Francisco Inc. at its Pier 96 and Tunnel Ave. Recycling facilities.

Gary studied accounting and administration at San Jose State University.

our approach

Gary W. Banks

Founder & CEO 

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we believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client.

who we are

●    Outreach to community residents, businesses and government.
●    Community Engagement in issues of social, economic and political relevance to their families and their community
●    Effective Mediator between  businesses and community to ensure the success of projects
●    Workforce Development
●    Facilitation of meetings and forums of multi-faceted stakeholders
●    Established Relationships within project area communities
●    Systems Design for emerging collaborations to maximize communication and productivity 
●    Support Facilities and Human Resources Management in Leadership and Team Development Initiatives

Jo-Antoinette Hopkins

Executive Director

FRH Consulting is a community based firm that was created in 2014 by progressive professionals to meet the challenges facing disenfranchised families and build community infrastructure. We are located in and serve San Francisco,  as well as the greater Bay Area.

Jo-Antoinette Hopkins is the Executive Director of Family Restoration House.  She joined FRH in 2002 as E.D.  Jo-Antoinette was also instrumental in the AIMCO renovation project. She worked directly with lead contractor, AIMCO management and AIMCO residents in helping coordinate relocation, and other resident issues.

This San Francisco native graduated from the nationally acclaimed Lowell High School at 16 years old to attend UC Berkeley, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Biology.  She has continued her education in Business Management.  She was selected in 2008 by the S.F. Department of Children, Youth and their Families’ Leadership Institute for a Roots Fellowship, a year-long professional development project for “promising Executive Directors from DCYF-funded Community Based Organizations


FRH Consulting has a consultant team which performs contract work that promotes the development of infrastructure needed to foster economic stability and improve the quality of life for families. These consist of Community/Resources Development, Affordable Housing, Renovations/New Construction, Employee/Leadership Development as well as Human Resource Team Development. We envision healthy families residing within a holistic community in partnership with businesses and resources.